Combating Depression with Daily Burn

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I can’t remember the last time I went to the gym to workout. The last few years have been a blur of missed workouts and avoided social interaction.

I used to love going to the gym. The whole atmosphere was motivating to me but in recent years going to the gym has been miserable. The noise, the distance from home (it’s not that far), the people, oh the people. I just hate the gym now, and that couldn’t be further from the guy I used to be. But the guy I am now, he had a hard enough time making it to the gym to cancel his membership.

I know I’m not the only one. Anxiety and depression cripple millions of us each year. That’s why I started Sad Runner, to try and help others like me stuck inside their homes, stuck in bad relationships, stuck in crummy jobs, stuck in other ruts because of their mental illness.

We previously discovered the benefits of fighting depression naturally with exercise and the studies were quite convincing. But what happens when depression keeps you from going to the gym? It’s a painful irony that the thing that can help you with your depression never happens because of your depression.

Combating depression with a little creativity

That’s where Daily Burn comes in. I use Daily Burn as one of my gym replacements, and it has been huge in keeping me going despite my depression.

Daily Burn is an online fitness solution, but it’s quickly growing into a community of people all working out on their own through the site.

Combating Depression with Daily Burn

Daily Burn offers a variety of programs, and the word ‘variety’ gets underused here. There are so many different workouts to choose. Whether you’ve never exercised before or you’re the one everybody looks to for fitness advice, Daily Burn has something to make you sweat.

In fact, the vast selection is one of the things I like most about Daily Burn. I never get bored when looking for a workout because there are plenty. Plus, at such a low price, it’s the cheapest gym membership I’ve ever had.

Daily Burn tries to add as much value to your subscription as possible by adding nutrition plans and goal-specific daily workout programs. You can work through an entire training plan, with nutrition, all through Daily Burn if you want. Throw in some top trainers and fitness personalities and you have a great gym membership for next to nothing.

Plus, it is available on every device which is ideal for those who travel. But, if you’re looking for a way to workout, so you don’t have to leave home, this is an excellent solution for you too.

I was skeptical when I first tried out Daily Burn. I had the old 80’s workout videos in mind. I didn’t think I could replace my ‘manly’ free weights at the gym.

I was shocked at how challenging the programs at Daily Burn can be. Many are too difficult for me to complete. That means I have room to grow and, because Daily Burn is always adding new workouts, I’ll never outgrow it.

Combating Depression with Daily Burn Yoga

I don’t just use Daily Burn to break a sweat. In the evening, I log on to do Yoga which helps keep my anxiety down. We’ve previously explored yoga for depression and what it can do to impact your mood. Daily Burn’s yoga programs give you plenty to work on from recovery to flexibility, but the result is an elevated mood so you can win with whatever you choose.

In combating depression, I’ve found it important to get my heart rate up regularly. Though I often can’t leave home, I know it’s key to get moving and sweating. It’s healthy for my body, but it’s vital for my mind. Daily Burn serves that need.

From getting my heart rate up, to keeping my anxiety down, Daily Burn is becoming a tool I use to battle my mental illness on the regular.

Yes, working out at home may take some self-motivation, but so does getting in the car and driving to the gym. So, if you’re finding that to be a barrier between you and working out, eliminate the barrier and bring the gym to you.

Combating Depression with Daily Burn - Intense

And even if you’re like me, and you used to be a gym rat, you may still get back there someday. But don’t wait until things are perfect and for you to feel better to start working out. You can’t wait for perfect days; you just have to make your regular days better.

Try Daily Burn and use it to rebuild your fitness while at the same time combating depression. Click here to get started with a free month of Daily Burn.

Disclosure: I don’t know the makers of Daily Burn. I just think it’s an excellent product and people should try it. If you use the links on this page we’ll both get hooked up with a free month. But that’s all it. All that said if you did happen to make Daily Burn: You’re awesome. Thank you for everything. And I do accept swag 🙂

Adam Weitz
Adam Weitz

Adam Weitz is a multi-discipline designer, business owner, and founder of Sad Runner. He is passionate about encouraging people with depression and works through Sad Runner to positively impact their lives.