About Sad Runner

Sad Runner is a website, community, and online store created to change the public's perception of depression and erase the stigma associated with mental illness.

Our Content

From honest and intimate stories by those who live with depression to actionable advice and encouragement from regular people like you, our readers learn that they are not alone in their struggles. Even more, we strive to motivate people to keep going, to move past their pain, and thrive despite their illness.

That's why the motto for our brand is "Keep Moving Forward."

Our readers aren't made up entirely of people with depression. A good portion of our readership cares about someone with depression. They reach out to Sad Runner to learn more about what their loved one is going through to better support and understand them.

Our Store

To promote the Sad Runner brand and fund our cause, we launched a clothing line consisting of hats, t-shirts, and other streetwear. You can view and purchase our products here. All proceeds go toward furthering our mission.

Our Advertisers

To help fund our mission, Sad Runner works with specially selected advertising partners. Not everyone who wishes to advertise on the site gets the opportunity. We carefully screen our partners to ensure sensitivity toward our readers and the difficult times they're enduring. If you're interested in partnering with us, please click here to learn more about advertising on Sad Runner.

Our Founder

Sad Runner is the creation of Adam Weitz, a multi-discipline designer, digital marketer, business owner, and investor. Adam, who fights mental illness himself, hoped to develop a safe place with Sad Runner that shows what mental illness is "really like." Even more, Adam wanted to motivate and encourage people with depression to keep pursuing their goals no matter what. He believes mental illness robs people of so much, but they still have dreams and desires. Adam wants people to chase those dreams still, even when fighting their illness. He strongly believes you can still find success despite the trouble depression causes. Adam Weitz Media, Adam's web and brand development company, owns and maintains Sad Runner.