Depression can't win if you work together

This guide will show you how

No-nonsense, real-world advice for those who care about someone struggling with a mental illness

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The Beginner's Guide to Living with Someone with Depression - Free Ebook

If you’re looking for help living with someone with depression then you’ve come to the right place. This in-depth, no holding back guide will teach you and your partner how to live together and start to thrive despite the shadow of depression that crowds your relationship.

Learn how depression affects your partner

Learn how you can help your loved one through their pain

Know a  list of things you should do for your partner

Know the things you should NOT do for your partner

Learn to strengthen your relationship for the long-haul

BONUS: Special advice section just for men

Adam Weitz Author

Over 14 years ago, my wife and I started fighting depression together. From our first date onward, this painful illness tried and still continues to work to pull us apart. This guide represents some of what we've used for now over a decade to fight the depression we both face inside us. Please download the guide so you and your loved one can confidently conquer this illness together. A diagnosis never has to be the end of the story.

Adam Weitz is the Founding Publisher of Sad Runner. A designer, Depression Hacker, and advocate, he was diagnosed with clinical depression in the Spring of 2003 when his girlfriend (now wife) encouraged him to visit a therapist after she saw signs something was wrong. Adam founded Sad Runner to erase the stigma of mental illness so survivors would know they aren't alone and so they'have encouragement to keep going.