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We're looking for creative and talented people who want to help those with depression and anxiety

Join our team of volunteers and interns all focused on making a positive impact on the lives of people dealing with mental illness.

Current Opportunities


We're looking for regular contributors who want to write about mental health for our audience. From blog posts to ebooks and copywriting, your skills will grow and your talents will get put to great use.

Media Design

From graphic designers to video editors, we're looking for people who want to use visual media to change lives and make an impact on those struggling with mental illnesses. Join our creative team and use your talent for others.

Digital Marketing

If you're passionate about communication, direct marketing, and the impact it can have on the world then join our digital marketing team. You'll work with a seasoned marketing pro to grow Sad Runner online.

Apply today to join our team. No matter where you live, we have a place for talented people. Gain valuable experience, change lives and learn from a seasoned marketing and design professional all while growing a media company created to help people with depression. Can you think of a better gig?

Click the button above to fill our quick inquiry form. We'll get in touch and let you know about specific opportunities and give you details about our volunteer and intern programs. If you're passionate about using digital media to help people with depression then we probably have a place for you. Apply today to get started.


Q. Do I have to have a mental illness to work with Sad Runner?

A. No. While it will definitely help you empathize with our readers, you don't need an illness, you just need a passion for people struggling with mental illness.

Q. Do I have to live in Southern California to work at Sad Runner?

A. No. We're building a team of professionals online, you can work from wherever you want. Home, a coffee shop, a boat. We just want you to contribute to Sad Runner and help us grow the community. You can do that wherever.

Q. Are your internship opportunities paid?

A. Not currently. We do plan to add paid positions and stypends in the near future however, because we're just a startup organization, we can't guarantee that will happen tomorrow. So plan on being paid in thank yous, coffee and gift cards.