Hi, I'm Adam

I've struggled with severe depression and anxiety since childhood and have often had to overcome suicidal thoughts.

I started Sad Runner so other Depression Fighters would know they aren't alone. Our illness often lies to us and tells us that we're weird, that we're weak, that we're the only ones with these problems.

I founded Sad Runner so you would know that's wrong. If you're weird, it has nothing to do with your depression or anxiety. There are plenty of people like us who survive their mental illness each day. You can do it too.

Thanks for your interest in the guy behind the website. Below you'll find a little bit more about me. But, please know that this site isn't about me. Sure many of the posts are intimate looks at my life with depression, but that's where it ends. This site is for you, it's a shout out to all of those people like me, it's a friendly flag in battle. Sad Runner is here for you. To encourage you, and motivate you and to let everyone know that the struggles we face are normal and that we have no reason to be ashamed. Thank you for reading.

~Adam, Sad Runner

About Adam Weitz

Adam Weitz is a designer, serial entrepreneur, marathoner, Depression Hacker, and advocate. A startup junkie at heart, he lends his expertise to a variety of projects both in the nonprofit and public spaces. (Many of his current projects can be found here.)

Adam was diagnosed with clinical depression in the Spring of 2003 when his girlfriend (now wife) encouraged him to visit a therapist when she saw signs something was wrong.

Since then, through the help of regular therapy, Adam has learned that his depression goes all the way back to his childhood. In fact, he now believes he was born with many of the chemical imbalances that still dictate his emotions today.

There has always been a sadness inside me that I can’t shake. I can’t outgrow it.

Adam Weitz
Founder, Sad Runner

When his pastor’s son committed suicide in 2013, Adam was shocked by the misinformation among well-meaning churchgoers. He knew someone had to start telling the truth about depression, so others didn’t feel alone.

When you have depression, and all you hear are well-meaning people saying all the wrong things, you think you’re weird, and that you’re the only one.

Adam Weitz
Founder, Sad Runner

Inspired by Carlos Whittaker‘s blogging about his anxiety, Adam decided to start Sad Runner in hopes of showing people what it’s like to live with severe depression.

Sad Runner presents raw accounts of depression and anxiety with a sense of hope that things will get better. Additionally, Sad Runner seeks to motivate and encourage people to take ownership of their illness and to not let it rob them of their lives.

So many people let it [depression] get worse than it needs to be. They don’t fight for what’s important to them, and then they’re shocked when depression takes it away. A depression diagnosis should be an invitation to a fight, not a funeral.

Adam Weitz
Founder, Sad Runner

Using Sad Runner to show others what it is like to fight back, Adam commits daily to proving to everyone (including himself) that you can survive and even thrive with depression and anxiety.

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